If you  can imagine it,
we can create it for you.
from idea conception to manifestation, we provide the necessary perspectives and skills  
to be your content creators.

We are innovative Content Creators who use various talents to bring together imaginative ideas and solutions. We offer content creation services for brand marketing, advertising, printing, and publishing. Our services include graphic design, photography, video and filming, writing and editing services, research services, web content creation and website development. In addition, our team members bring forth progressive and creative ideas that provide custom-made solutions for the marketing projects you undertake.

Furthermore, our technologies allow us to provide unprecedented levels of customization with great value and affordable rates. Similarly, our history of success within multiple dynamic industries assures you that our expertise in the multimedia content creation, photography, writing, online marketing, B2B marketing solutions, interactive digital advertising, printing, and branding will provide you with an edge in your brand-building endeavors. Moreover, we are committed to providing bespoke and quality services to all our clients.

To find out more about us and what we do, please read more about our services and browse our portfolio.

Design & Print

We can design anything for you on paper, clothing, and canvas, ceramic or wood. Our vast knowledge and experience of all print mediums means we can print or publish your work in-house. We are experts in the design and print of brochures, stickers, leaflets, fliers, posters, company profiles, reports, school yearbooks, catalogues, magazines, calendars, banners, manuals, invoices, receipt books, letterheads, gift boxes, paper bags, diaries, calendars, cards, menus, name tags, car decals, window decals, vehicle wraps and many more.

Furthermore, integrating paper media in today's digital world is an essential mix of effective marketing and brand building. Therefore, whether it is design only or a combination of design, printing, and publishing services, we offer premium, eye-catching, and affordable solutions that will suit your needs. We use the latest technology to deliver the very best and pride ourselves in consistently pushing the boundaries of our printing and publishing services. From large format printing to offset and digital printing, we have a quality and dependable printer network that enables us to guarantee you a competitive price and a quality finish every time.

Branding & Advertising

Since your brand emanates from everything your business does, it is the soul of your enterprise. We are here to help you build the foundation that will allow you to create and grow your brand. We bring forth progressive, creative ideas that provide you with simple contracts like logo design to other complex services such product photography, content creation, website design, and development. Moreover, we also provide interactive digital solutions for online advertising and marketing.

If you are an individual or an established business, our exceptional design and marketing team will develop an effective branding and advertising strategy to position you within your industry better. Our vast experience in digital and print media, our open creative awareness of current and future trends, and our understanding of the importance of long-term brand strategies will give you the edge you or your organization need. Our goal is to deliver bespoke, flexible, and cost-effective, creative excellence for every branding project that we undertake.


We manage complex publishing projects through the various publishing stages, and we publish both digitally and in print. Similarly, we offer publishing services in manuscript layout, magazine design, video publishing, copyediting, graphic design, photo editing, video editing and production, printing, and digital media publishing. We publish magazines, e-books, newsletters, electronic and video presentations, software, and other applications.

Whether it's a book, a magazine, a report, or a company profile, we manage the production from concept design to the final results, turning your desires into a reality. With our experience, we ensure quality in all of the stages of production, whilst offering a professional and innovative publishing service.

Website Design & Development

At Chronicles, we love building impressive web user experiences provide stunning bespoke website solutions, backed by SEO services, website maintenance services, and web analytics giving your website the extra attention it requires. For instance, we have helped Kenyan fashion stores to build its brand and sell its products online.

Furthermore, we assisted Amwik-Sacco to develop its online presence. Similarly, we helped Accessorize Kenya to develop a product portfolio and an online digital catalog. We work hand in hand with Afri-salon consultants to publish the Salon Magazine. In addition, we also assisted the Bwibo foundation to reach prospective donors worldwide and developed a bespoke online tool for Riara Prestige Apartments to allow for online bookings for prospective clients. We are behind Aspire Production's online and print marketing initiatives as well.

Research & Writing

With our in-depth expertise, we are a service that provides quality written content and offers a broad range of professional research and writing services. Chronicles Research provides a first-class academic research assistance service, creative writing, and technical writing services. Furthermore, we have experience conducting both large-scale quantitative surveys and small-scale qualitative projects as client assignments and in-house projects.

Our research provides evidence-based findings to our customers that influence the marketing and branding decisions they make increasing their visibility. Moreover, our research and writing team comprises of qualitative and quantitative researchers, research project managers, data scientists, and research writers. Our work undergoes quality reviews from global research associates who have long-standing experiences in research and writing work.

Photography & Filming

Our network of professional photographers and our photography services agency can meet all of your photography needs. Our facilities and technology allow us to provide cost-effective, high-quality photographic engagements in every project we undertake. Other than setting up branded photo websites, modeling portfolios, catalogs, photo programs, and magazines, we provide event photography and filming services as well. Whether you are operating a fan photography program, organizing a yearbook campaign, creating a video blog, grieving a funeral, sponsoring a festival, organizing a wedding or just throwing a party, Chronicles Photography is here for you.

Our true niche is the art of storytelling, and our model of artistic collaboration reinforces creativity through the community, economic vitality, and person-to-person engagement. Whether it is a marketing ad, video, a video resume, a wedding video, or a short documentary, we manage the production from concept design to the desired result. We believe that collaboration is the biggest cultural and community resource of the 21st Century.